About Guoji Dui

Guoji Dui Chinese Language School. Study in China Agents and Consultancy.
Some awardees of the Guoji Dui Pre-launch Program excitedly pose for a quick photograph during a stroll within the campus facility. Click picture for details.

Guoji Diu is a Chinese language learning institute designed to equip Nigerians with the right Chinese language skills and connections necessary for them to become 21st century business leaders and workforce professionals that will enhance China-Nigeria cooperation and drive needed development in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Through well structured lessons, Guoji Dui’s unique teaching methodology harnesses the benefits of distance education to ensure that its students attain the optimum Chinese language proficiency within the best possible time.

This, when blended with exciting Study Camp Experiences, makes the whole learning effective and worthwhile.


Among others, students of Guoji Dui Chinese language learning institute in Nigeria;

– Learn Chinese language to become key players in enhancing business and socio-cultural cooperation between China and Nigeria.

– Get introduced to Chinese culture and the unique Chinese philosophy that is responsible for the rise of China as a global world power.

– Learn the Chinese business model and apply same to help build themselves and their local communities in Nigeria.