The Guoji Dui Chinese Language School Nigeria offers six Chinese language learning course modules offered as six different levels. Each of these levels corresponds to the six levels of the international HSK.

HSK stands for Hànyǔ (Chinese) Shuǐpíng (level) Kǎoshì (test). It is the most prominent international test used to assess the ability of non-native Chinese speakers to use Chinese in their daily, professional and academic lives.


The nomenclature or names of Chinese language courses at Guoji Dui are divided into two parts; the institute name (i.e. Guoji Dui, shortened as GD) and the Level (i.e. Level 1, or just 1), Level 2 (or just 2), etc.

Typically, the different Guoji Dui Levels can be written as follows:

Guoji Dui Level One — GD Level 1 — GD L1 — GD 1.
Guoji Dui Level Two — GD Level 2 — GD L2 — GD 2.
Guoji Dui Level Three — GD Level 3 — GD L3 — GD 3.
Guoji Dui Level Four — GD Level 4 — GD L4 — GD 4.
Guoji Dui Level Five — GD Level 5 — GD L5 — GD 5.
Guoji Dui Level Six — GD Level 6 — GD L6 — GD 6.


The following represent the duration of each levels of the Guoji Dui Chinese language study program.
GD 1 – Six months

GD 2 – Six Months

GD 3 – Six Months

GD 4 – Six Months

GD 5 – Six Months

GD 6 – Six Months

Please note that six months is the maximum period allowed by Guoji Dui for the completion of each of the courses. The actual duration each course will take depends on the student involved.